“Well I just married her during all these holidays, give me a break!”

Elder Reinstein Week 50
(One Week Behind)

???????????????????????????????I think this means I am half-way done with my mission. Well there is still a lot of work to do then!

New Year’s came with a bang. Literally hundreds, if not thousands. Everywhere we walk in Chamanculo for about three days, there was some explosion going on. Needless to say, we could not sleep when 0h (“zero hour”/midnight) hit.

This week we really focused on finding people to teach. Unfortunately after the baptism of Gercio and Marilia, our other investigators stopped progressing. We had to work a ton, but we were blessed for it.

One occasion occurred Saturday night when Elder Poyfair and I resorted to knocking apartment buildings. To be honest it was a bit discouraging as we spent quite a while trying to sit with people and get references. But still we continued, knowing this is what we had to, when finally a woman didn’t allow us to come in, but gave us the number of her brother, Isaias who lived nearby.

We sat with him on Sunday morning, and he right after came to Church with us after (we also had another new family at church). Almost immediately after coming into the chapel, he was greeted by the Branch President and Sunday School President, Olimpio. Well Olimpio asked Isaias a little background about his work, family, etc. Before I knew it, Olimpio had offered him a job. I stood with my mouth agape. Apparently he picked Isaias up this morning and now he is employed. The Lord blesses the persistent and faithful!

Quick funny story to close. I was contacting two men on the street, when I asked the first for his phone number. “Well I don’t have a phone!” “Does your wife have a phone?” his friend said she did. “So what is the name of your wife?” “Oh I forgot.” “What?! How could you forget??” “Well I just married her during all these holidays, give me a break!” I don’t think we will be visiting him in the near future.



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