He is a rasta musician and she is an accountant

Proof that I was in Malanga.

Proof that I was in Malanga.

Elder Reinstein Week 51

It was a sad day today as our tripla became a dupla when Elder Lourenço left to go and serve in Tete. (Just as a side note, this makes for Elder Poyfair’s 8th transfer in the Office, or almost a year.)

The most exciting news this week was the baptism of Carolina! Now, more than ever, I truly understand that we are just tools in the Lord’s hands to do His work. We met Carolina just two weeks ago, and quickly found out that she was more than prepared for baptism. She already had been coming to church on her own for 6th months, already had family in the church and already knew almost everything we taught. So we just fulfilled our role- teaching, to bring to pass the Lord’s work. It was amazing to see her face after the baptism and confirmation, the Light of Christ.

Another interesting new family is Thomas and Dulce. He is a rasta musician and she is an accountant. Literally polar opposites, but they love the message of families and the union the Gospel brings. They have been eating up the Book of Mormon and described their first experience at church as “phenomenal, fantastic, incredible!” Looking at their faces (well especially his), it appears they are watching a Blockbuster film when we teach them or at church.

When we went to pick them up for church, we sat down and there on the couch was Dulce’s wig. (90% of Mozambican females have fake hair). We kind of stared at what appeared to be a guinea pig, when Thomas came by and realized that she had left it there. Instead of making the situation really awkward, he just said, “Well it looks like Dulce forgot her wig again! She’ll be needing that!” and then proceeded to put the wig on top of his dreads. We had a good laugh.

Speaking of fake, we found out the women that came with Isaias last week was not actually his wife, but an visitor who for some reason decided to impersonate her. Also had a good laugh on that one.

Great week as we get to spend more time in the area!


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