Christmas in Mozambique was without snow, but it sure was white! 

Elder Reinstein Week 49
(Christmas Week Update)

??????????????????????????????? We were able to help Gércio and Marilia get married and baptized this Saturday and Sunday, what a blessing! Unfortunately the Relief Society did not decorate the chapel as planned, so last minute, us Elders had to throw together some decorations. It felt a little bit out of my capacity, but it turned out fairly well.

The wedding was great, and the party was a blast as well. The couple sat us at the table as the guests of honor. We sat, conversed with the family, ate a great Mozambican lunch. Just as we were about to head out, another lunch was brought in from the groom’s family, and we repeated the process all over again.

The next day, we had a small baptism, and the couple was baptized moments before the start of the first church meeting.

Christmas was the hottest day of the year so far. We spent several hours in the morning visiting investigator and member families singing Christmas carols. We went with some of the Senior couples, although sweaty, it was still quite satisfying.

Christmas is fairly tame here…but I’ve heard some crazy rumors about New Years!

See below for several photos from the baptism, wedding and Christmas.




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