Nothing is Going to Stop the Lord’s Work

Elder Reinstein
Week 99 – from Dec. 14, 2015*

*Editor’s Note: One month ago on December 19, 2015, Elder Reinstein returned to the United States from his mission in The Mozambique Maputo Mission. This was his final report from Africa that I never sent out. Better late than never!
He is going to the Incwala ceremony

He is going to the Incwala ceremony

There may be water rationing and energy load shedding here in Swaziland, but nothing is going to stop the Lord’s work and a baptism.

Yep, we were a little stressed when the water was not working at the Chapel yesterday for the of Prayer and Ventura. We prayed and the assistance came as we traveled all the way to Mbabane for the baptism to occur. It was a beautiful service and Francisco did a great job in his first baptism of his kids.

I am denying the fact that all this might end soon. How can I rid my mind and my heart of the faces, the beauty, the feelings and the love I have felt here with the people of Mozambique and Swaziland?

I am eternally grateful that the Lord has granted me such an opportunity to be edified and uplifted by them.


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