The Family, Although A Bit Hungry and Thirsty, Are Happy

Elder Reinstein
Weeks 96 & 97

IMG_0249 (640x480)

At Francisco and Elsa’s house. I am not sure why he is dressed like this

Week 96

I think Elder Ball felt right at home this week as we met with and taught the Khumalo family. Elder Ball is from a family of 8 children, and the Khumalo family was the same.

Can you imagine our pleasant surprise when 7 out of the 8 sat with their parents, outside in the shade of their mud-brick house, patiently, intently listening to every word we said? They not only listened, but understood that Christ only established one true church and that Priesthood authority was a necessary part of that Church.

We then helped their son fetch water from the river. I am not sure if they have running water, but if they did, it would have run dry with the crippling drought hitting the region. But the family, although a bit hungry and thirsty, are happy as can be as they worked hard to support one another and as they were uplifted by the message of the Restoration.

In other news, Thokozani Shongwe again helped us this week as we were side-by-side with him on Saturday. I only picked up parts of most of the thoughtful, loving conversations in SiSwati he had with those we met. I love and am edified in how he treats everyone as a longtime friend. Also, I worked with Elder Souza this week in his area of Ngwane Park.


IMG_0297 (640x480)

Elder “Noah” 

Week 97
This week I saw some revolutionary innovations in the running of the “Primary Program.” Innovation #1 Who needs adults to direct the music, when you can have a different child direct each song? Innovation #2 Master feats of memorization, including the 13 Articles of Faith and the 10 commandments. Innovation #3 Sketches by the children of scripture stories, including Raising Lazarus from the dead.

But seriously, the program was sweet, brought a smile to my face, and I have never seen the Chapel more packed.

This week we had some changes, Elder Souza is now walking in a trio with us. We were blessed to have a lot of help from the members this week.

The greatest blessing happened on Thanksgiving (although it was just a normal Thursday here.) We went to visit Francisco and Elsa, and found two of their children back for school holidays. Ventura and Prayer have been to church before, but were at school for their parents’ baptism. We taught them and invited them to be baptized. “Definitely” was their response. It is great to see the Gospel blessing the whole family. It really has brought a light to their home.

We got the visit Hlane Royal National Park today on our way to Mozambique and back for visa stuff. Swaziland has so much packed into such a small country.

I love it here, and I love the people even more.

Many great photos here from both weeks:

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