‘Désolé, désolé beaucoup!’

Elder Reinstein
Weeks 94 and 95

IMG_0198 (640x472)

I also met the American Ambassador Makila James

Week 94 was a short update: We took the long journey to Nhlangano this week, and it was a wonderful experience to get to know a more isolated part of our mission. It is beautiful and has a lot of potential!

Week 95
So studying French for 13 years might have appeared to be a waste of time when I was called to a Portuguese speaking mission, but this week I saw a glimpse of the Lord’s purpose in this thing.

After Elder Bindanda, a new Elder, missed his connecting flight from the Congo to Swaziland in Joberg, we were blind about when he would actually arrive here in Swaziland.

Well, we called, and called and tried to find out, but it wasn’t until 9 am the next morning that we found out that he had already arrived at 7:40 am that morning, an hour and a half earlier.

Normally that would not be a huge deal, but Elder Bindanda, being from the Congo, only spoke French, a few words of English and a few words of Portuguese. Oh, and the Airport was 1.5 hours away.

So we rushed to the Airport as fast as we could and ran through the doors, and we found Elder Bindanda, surrounded by Airport Employees and Police as he lay sleeping on the Airport benches. It was then, after 13 years of French training, that I managed to remember one phrase, “Désolé, désolé beaucoup!” (Sorry, very sorry!)

But don’t worry, Elder Bindanda is happy and healthy. We stopped the Police from taking him to the Refugee Camp. We ate a great lunch, and his companion speaks more French than I do.

[Side note: 13 years of French also helped me learn Portuguese much faster]

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