‘I See That God Is Trying To Tell Me Something’

Elder Reinstein
Week 93

Elder Oliveira worked with Elder Maughan before leaving Brazil.

Elder Oliveira worked with Elder Maughan before leaving Brazil.

I guess you have to swallow your pride a bit in order to cross a river on piggy-back, but sometimes in Ezulwini, there is no other way to get around.

With the flowing streams, scattered gullies and pine-covered mountains, it is always a scenic hike as we go from lesson to lesson in Ezulwini. In fact, we might have had the most picturesque lesson imaginable as we sat with our Investigator Innocent and a member Sizwe on the boulders that line the bank of the Buka River. The mountains overlooked us in the background and adjacent was a pen full of peacocks, pheasants and small fish ponds. It is nice as God’s creations can back up our testimony of His love for us.

I know I repeatedly mention how gorgeous Ezulwini is, but the sight is truly breathtaking. But also breathtaking are the miracles we see within the lives of the residents here.

Francisco and Elsa were baptized this week, and it was a beautifully service. I have seen mighty changes in their lives these past few months because of their mighty faith. I remember the night when they decided they needed to make any sacrifice necessary to come to Church every week. He said, “You missionaries have been sent to us over and over again. I think this time I see that God is trying to tell me something.” We found them as an old teaching record in our area book. His whole life has been blessed enormously as they have begun to keep God’s commandments.

(Just a small side note, Francisco surprised us this week when he brought out a guitar and began signing a love song to his wife. He might be the coolest Mozambican I know.)

We had Zone Conference in Swaziland on Friday, the first time it has been done here in the history of the mission. It went very well. I was also shocked when they told me to that this was my final Zone Conference and that I had to bear my final testimony.

But my testimony is not done, I know that this is the Lord’s work and I will continue fighting for the Cause until the last hours of my mission.

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