‘Well, I Guess That Means We Have To Get Married As Soon As Possible…’

Elder Reinstein
Week 92

Elder Reinstein and Bongekile (Yes, that is a #peedoc shirt!)

Elder Reinstein and Bongekile (Yes, that is a Peedoc shirt!

Normally as missionaries, we are the agents of action, inviting, committing and teaching investigators to come closer to Christ. Well this week, I had three experiences where the tables were turned as investigators, not just received us, but actively pursued us.

The first was came with a new family, a referral from a member. We visited to this mother and her two children (21 and 18) teach about the Restoration. Well soon we found ourselves kicked out of the house as the mom tearfully rejected the Book of Mormon. So we left and before we knew it, Trevor, her son, had run after us and wanted to learn more. Well, he came to church by himself, and loved General Conference (I mean who wouldn’t love such powerful sermons?) As the first session was ending, suddenly his mother appeared, forceful took her son away and returned the Book of Mormon. We are praying he will come back.

Next Nomen and Nobhle. He called us during the week and demanded to see us as soon as possible. When we arrived at his house he told us, “I’ve decided to join the church.” We taught him about baptism and the law of Chasity. “Well I guess that means we have to get married as soon as possible to get baptized, right?”

Well, yes that is exactly what that means!

Finally just to top it all off, a senior couple from Johannesburg showed up at the Church as we had a meeting there on Saturday. They insisted on giving us all KFC. Who could say no to that?

It was a good week, we couldn’t resist another shisa nyama (see last week’s blog) today!

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