‘So How Many People Did You Fish Today, Brothers?’

Elder Reinstein
Week 91

Shisa Nyama!!

Shisa Nyama!!

When you think Swaziland, you should think think Shisa Nyama, which basically translates to “Hot Grill”, called a Braai here or a BBQ in the US.

Swazi’s love their Braai’s, and we went to day with Nathi Shongwe to quite the feast. Beef, pork, pap, and salad. All eaten with your hands.

But of course I can’t forget the spiritual feats we had the day before in General Conference. And we were alone, with two new families (well one returning) at church. The talks were powerful, and as I sat next to Paulos and Nokhtula, I could feel the Spirit strongly confirming the truths to them.

Another new family that came to church was Nomen and Nobhle. The funny thing about Nomen is that he is always asking how our “fishing”, or work, is going. “So how many people did you fish today, Brothers?” “How many people have you fished so far in your mission?” and the questions continue. But he seems perfect content to be “fished” himself, because he knows that he is joining the true pasture.

We had the privilege to pick up eight new missionaries that flew directly into Swaziland- seven of whom are Brazilians. The zone is expanding rapidly, almost double of the size when I came to Swaziland.

New Brazilians!

New Brazilians!

The work is hastening!

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