We Continue To See Many Miracles and Progress

Elder Reinstein
Week 90

Picture at the Heritage Site, where it all started.

Picture at the Heritage Site, where it all started.

We got to visit the historic Ngwenya Mine today– the oldest in the world, where mining operations began some 43,000 years ago. The whole scenery, culture and history was stunning. Have I mentioned how beautiful Swaziland is?

Again, not too much to report for this week, we continue to see many miracles and progress in the branch and with investigators.

Francisco couldn’t make it to church this week, but right after he gave us a call to greet us and get a full report on what he missed. Don’t worry Elsa loved it, and our lesson on Eternal Marriage (The member gave it all in siSwati. I am not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing since all the investigators understood much better)

We have a knack for find Mozambican families, this week we followed a referral chain where one family referred us to another and another and another, in all finding four families. Eish, do I love Mozambicans and Portuguese.

But we are preparing for many new Elders coming in this week–directly to Swaziland.

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