He walks 1.5 hours to church each week

Elder Reinstein
Week 88

With Babe Shongwe. Swazi Pioneer of the Church!

With Babe Shongwe. Swazi Pioneer of the Church!

Oh boy, it was an exciting Sunday at Church. The missionaries entered our PEC meeting at 9 am, and left moments before Sacrament Meeting began, so we had no idea that the meeting would be packed.

But the attendance at Sacrament Meeting is not made all at once, it is made by the individuals and their faith and sacrifice to attend church and keep the Sabbath Day holy. Angel called us and told us that she had to go to an engagement ceremony, I told her to pray about it and see what God wanted her to do. (Swazi and even Mozambique are known for constant ceremonies: weddings, funerals, engagement, Lobola or dowry, family councils and many more.) Well she came along with many others.

The members we extremely excited, the Church hadn’t been that full in ages. “I can smell a stake coming soon!” said one.

Another family who had the faith to come was Francisco and Elsa. They are preparing for baptism, and their biggest challenge is her learning English since they are from Mozambique. We and her husband are teaching her, and I believe the gift of tongues will become manifest!

We were able to help Brother Shongwe build a rock wall to prevent erosion at his Fishery. Elder Ball literally was wrestling boulders, I felt helpless as I could only shovel dirt. This week multiple thunderstorms hit the Ezulwini valley, so the wall proved very useful.

Another member, Gift (18) won his golf tournament this week. We visited his house on the top of the mountain. He walks 1.5 hours to church each week. He showed off, driving golf balls hundreds of meters down the slope.

It was a good week, and a testament of the Lord hastening his work here in Swaziland.

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