The Lord Keeps Blessing Us in Little Ways

Elder Reinstein
Week 85

To Mozambique and Back This Week:

Nathi took us to a buffet to celebrate Elder Martinho

Nathi took us to a buffet to celebrate Elder Martinho

We visited Maputo for the Mission Tour by Elder Hamilton. It was a great experience with a lot of spiritual highlights, but it sure was a long day. Awake by 2:30, four hours of driving in a bus, six hours of conference and another four hours back on the bus. But of course I would do it again!

I do miss Mozambique, but as evidenced by today’s transfer, I will be staying in Swaziland for the rest of my mission. However, I can’t complain. We keep seeing miracles. This week we put together a talent show for the branch, and to our surprise, Paulos and Noktula came and loved it! Then at church, when we thought no one would show up, Francisco and Elsa come filing in with their four children. (Don’t worry, they are Mozambican!)

The Lord keeps blessing us in little ways. It is interesting, I feel powerless in my own efforts, but as I keep working hard, people are being put in our path that are prepared to strengthen the Lord’s kingdom.

The rainy season is starting up, and the rolling hills are becoming green again!

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