A Big Yes!

Elder Reinstein
Weeks 82 & 83

Week 82

Tanned and tired.

Tanned and tired.

We went church this week and Make Shongwe pointed out to us a new face that I had never seen before. “You should go visit her, Elders.”

Well last night we sat with Angel and Nathi and I have never before met such a prepared family. Nathi is a part of the strong Shongwe family, but has not been to church in a while. They recently got married and she told us, “Swazi law says that the wife must go to the church of the husband, fortunately I loved the church service today.” It is a good thing we believe in “obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.”

Angel truly wanted to find out “why there are so many different churches today” and how to follow our Savior. She accepted baptism and a date last night in the first visit, and they will be a beautiful family to go to the Temple.

We got to do Helping Hands this Saturday, Babe, the Prince, Dlamini came to church this week (I love that man so much…) and I got to walk in Manzini on Sunday.

Oh and check out the newspaper headlines they post everywhere. I find them so hilarious…some even have to do with the missionaries/church.

Week 83

“A big yes!”

Yep, that is how Angel responded after we asked if she had received an answer to her prayer. She came to church with her husband this week and it has been such a joy to see them learn and grow.

We have been working hard, climbing mountains and running from visit to visit to help and find the many prepared souls here in Ezulwini. The landscape and the people are so different and fascinating, it is like I am in a completely new mission, and I love it!

The leaders here in Swaziland have such an incredible maturity. We met with the District President this week, President Nthalinthali, and boy does he know how to get work done.

Little by little we are preparing this district for a stake and preparing more families to enter the Celestial Kingdom.


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