In SiSwat, Ezulwini Means Heaven

Elder Reinstein
Week 81

The Mabuza family

The Mabuza family

In the SiSwati language or SiSwat, Ezulwini means heaven. And that is no coincidence.

I’ve been putting some effort in to learning SiSwati, but boy it has been hard enough trying to relearn missionary work in English. Don’t worry, I still know a few SiSwati words.

We have been working hard in building the kingdom of heaven here Ezulwini this week. We say many incredible members come back to church this week. Also we had the chance to visit Brother Mabuza, who is a member of Parliament, and his beautiful family of seven. We hope that he can help us meet the King.

Sorry, time is short, the work is great, we are very busy!

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