‘Guys, He is a Prince, Brother to the King’

Elder Reinstein
Week 80


Some woman made me do a traditional dance. I am not sure if I have unknowingly become betrothed

Swaziland is thriving with culture, animals and the growth of the church. It truly has been an eye opening experience this week as I have made the transition of 18 months in Maputo to my last six in Swazi. Turns out Afirca is far more diverse than I ever thought.

So let me describe one visit we had a few days ago. He goes by Babe (say it like Bobby, it means Father) Dhlamini (good luck saying that one). We brought Brother Shabalala with us to talk to him about the Book of Mormon. As we approach the sprawling homestead and enter, we see a 70 year old man on the couch. He is dressed in traditional african cloth, no pants and a small headwear. Behind him are gigantic paintings of King Maswati III and the Queen Mother.

Almost immediately, Brother Shabalala says, “Oh I know this family! Guys, he is a Prince, brother to the King.” They converse a bit in SiSwati and the lesson begins. His wife being a member, Babe Dhlamini is very familiar with the Book of Mormon, and in fact believes it is true. He is just not so agreeable with having another baptism. I know the Spirit will guide him as he works to make this decision.

It has been experience this week, we had a leadership council, did some last minute budget prep. Today we went to a cultural village. Some woman made me do a traditional dance. I am not sure if I have unknowingly become betrothed. The whole ordeal was a little traumatic.

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