To Top It All Off, We Are All Amateur Volunteers

Elder Reinstein
Week 79

IMG_0318When you think about it, the Mozambique Maputo Mission is an international organizational miracle. We have so many missionaries going to and from different countries. Within the mission, we have missionaries transferring between Swaziland and multiple cities in Mozambique. We have to organize the logistics, the visas and finances of all these international doings. To top it all off, we are all amateur volunteers.

Yet we still see amazing work take place – families united, individuals healed, and hope brought to thousands. I know that sounds very idealistic, but that is truly what happens in the Lord’s work. I have had the privilege to be a part of this administration, but this week I will be blessed to go back into the ministry. Yep, I am out of the office and into the field – Swaziland!

Today was one of the more chaotic transfers I have seen. However, I am sure everything will end up well. We have been working on all the details this week, but have been privileged to work with some new, truly meek families.

One family, Danilio and Fatima, truly just wants to find the correct path and to follow it. Luis and Felizarda got almost all of their marriage documents this week. They are so close I can almost taste it. The marriage process will be opened in the immediate future.

Otherwise, I was asked to serve as chauffeur (ok, maybe I volunteered) for a little Safari for the departing missionaries and the President. It truly was an adventure, in the middle of nowhere.

I am excited for the changes in store, the families to meet in Swaziland. (Not so excited about speaking English). I will be serving with my MTC comp, Elder Dustin. Let’s see what excitement there is in store for these upcoming months!

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