Well I just could not wait to get to Church to thank the Lord!

Elder Reinstein
Week 77

At Luis and Felizarda's house.

At Luis and Felizarda’s house.

We are back in Maputo and boy do I love it here.

We were in Swaziland until Wednesday (July 8), but don’t worry while we are not in our area, the Lord is working 24/7.

Yeah, we saw an incredible miracle this week. Luis (of Luis and Felizarda) finally got his birth bertificate. Sure it is just a piece of paper, but it is a paper that we have been fighting to get for over six months and means they can get married and baptized.

They told us that last Saturday night they began a fast and on Sunday morning they received a text that the documents were ready. Felizarda said, “Well I just could not wait to get to Church to thank the Lord!”

President Koch continues to inspire us with his new style. We have a new Secretary who flew in today, Elder Stanley from Utah. I am excited to work with him!

Elder Reinstein
Week 78

Central to this week was the meeting and brunch with President Koch– where he could give his first teachings and vision to the missionaries. We had missionaries fly in from all over the country, and all were pretty surprised and what President Koch taught.

What was surprising was not the doctrines or principles he taught, but rather how he taught – simply, yet powerfully with the Spirit.

One thing that President Koch spoke about was the strength behind the church in the United States– the generations of members that continually grow and strengthen the church. It was his vision that we could do that with the Church in Mozambique — strengthen the families that we have so that they could go to the Temple.

Well we were blessed to see that this week, when Liza and Taça were baptized on Saturday– a baptism in which we had little to nothing to do with. Their parents, Toley and Marcia were baptized in December and now their 8-year-old twin daughters were baptized, fulfilling the exact vision of President Koch of creating generations in the Church.

We are praying, fasting, studying and think of how we can help the members understand the importance of the Temple and the sacrifice necessary to make it there. We not only want multi-generational baptisms, but multi-generational sealings.

I had my second interview of mission this week, and it was quite the uplifting experience. Elder Stanley is training hard to be the new secretary. Luis and Felizarda’s documents are going great. They will open the marriage process this week and be married and baptized soon after!

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