Reminds Me of A Small Midwestern Town That Is Run By A King, and Monkeys

Elder Reinstein
Week 76 ā€“ Swaziland


Well when people ask about a trip to Africa, what are the two most common questions?

  1. Did you see any animals??
  2. Did you hear any clicking??

Well after this week I can say yes to both of these questions.

Of course the heart of Africa lies in its people, and my mission is no way defined by animals, clicking or clicking animals. This week was filled by defining experiences as I have taught the people here, experienced the departure of a beloved mission president and the arrival of another.

Unfortunately, it will be impossible to cover all that happened this week, so I will give just a couple brief highlights.

We were blessed to spend a lot of time with president Kretly before his departure, up until his last moments. I was nearly bright to tears as he locked his house for the last time and entered the airport to a chorus of missionaries. Truly; he left a legacy.

President Koch is the polar opposite to President Kretly, and I love it. An old Area 70, he is very calm, very smart, and very good at English. I have been to three of his his training sessions already, and my mind has been blown.

Two of my favorite quotes from the week are, “Some have been called to influence many people a little, while others are called to influence a few people a lot”

And the next, after making fun of me, “Sorry, you can lose a good friend, but you can’t lose a good joke” I was dying of laughter…

So we are in Swazi as he waits for his Mozambican visa, which should come this week. We went on some adventures. Swazi is gorgeous and completely different. Reminds me of a small Midwestern town, that is run by a king, and monkeys.

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