He Received It As If It Were the Most Precious of Gold; Have I Forgotten the Value of the Book of Mormon?

Elder Reinstein
Week 75

Bishop Matteus!

Bishop Matteus!

It is amazing how often we take things for granted. It is only when these treasures enter or leave, do we realize of their great value.

This week has been truly special as we have been able to relish the last few moments with President Kretly. I cannot imagine this mission; this country, without him. He truly has been inspired and brought forth the miracles of the Lord on this country.

As we have been able to counsel with him, meet with him, converse with him, and most definitely eat with him, I find myself astonished for the opportunity I have had to learn and work with him.

It was said this week, “During the course of the three years of President Kretly’s service, Mozambique has changed from the country where an Apostle of the Lord was almost killed to the land where families are baptized, the land where stakes are made, the land where miracles continue.” I, too, testify of that.

The leadership and love from President and Sister Kretly will be sorely missed and cherished.

Another lesson learned of taking things for granted came from a new family that we taught this week, Genson and Anaisia.

They were completely touched by the message of the Restoration, immediately accepted baptism, and a baptismal date. But then Genson did something I have never seen before.

We taught them about the Book of Mormon, and at the end of the visit, we gave him his very own copy. He received it as if it were the most precious of gold, and immediately bowed his head, and burst into a prayer of gratitude.

I was so touched, and thought to myself, have I forgotten the value of the Book of Mormon? Do I treasure the words of Christ like I should? Do I thank the Lord for having given us this scripture with the full doctrine of Christ?

Well the work continues, we have a busy week planned with the new mission president coming in and lots of excitement, as noted in the photo below from the Mozambique Mormon Newsroom.


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