‘We Wanted To Walk with You to Church Today, I’m Already Ready!’

Elder Reinstein
Week 73

At the end of Zone Conference with Pres. & Sister Kretly

At the end of Zone Conference with Pres. & Sister Kretly

I’d like to tell the story of one of the little miracles we saw this week (June 8-14).

Two weeks ago, we began teaching a new family, found by door contacting, who were named Shadraque and Arminda. They are both a bit older. Shadraque has a heart condition; I believe Arrhythmogenic ventricular cardiomyopathy (AVC), which makes it very difficult to walk. And, Arminda is a Muslim. They have children ranging in age from 15 to 25, approximately.

Well we began to teach them, and they received us in a positive way, but he was a firm Catholic. The teenage children were generally too cool to finish an entire visit. But, we invited them to Church and they said first of all, Shadraque cannot leave the house, and she was working. At that point, we decided to move on to other families.

This week was extremely busy with incoming missionaries, Zone Conference, and exiting missionaries. So, we simply had no time to visit them again along with the other families we had been teaching. However, on Saturday, we decided to invite them again to Church. When we arrived, only the children were there. So, we left the invitation with them to pass along, but we did not have high hopes.

We decided to show up again Sunday morning to see if they would walk with us to Church, and to our surprise, Arminda opened up the door already dressed for church.

Arminda: “We wanted to walk with you to church today, I’m already ready!”

Elders: “What about Shadraque?”

Arminda: “He is almost ready!” We were astonished at this point, but then two of the children also got ready and we all went to Church, in fact they had a car! (There wasn’t enough room for us, so we had to run.)

They came, were well received and loved the meetings. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but the Lord worked a miracle. We are very excited to see their faith.

Elder Poyfair went home (June 14).  I’ll miss him, but I know he’ll do great.

And that is a highlight of the week.

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