Speaking of Mozambican Growth ‘World Report’ Was Here This Week

Elder Reinstein
Weeks 71 & 72


At the Museum of Natural History

At the Museum of Natural History

Brief Report from Week 71
We had a blessed week.

We were able to work with the members really well and found some great new families. At the same time we saw great progress and pure faith form the families we are working with.

I am so grateful for this chance to serve and learn from the Lord.


Week 72

Here in good ole Chamanculo (well in the native tongue it is spelled Nlhamankulu) the weather is getting brisk, so all the Mozambicans put on their arctic jackets.

Generally, I am not one to go about sharing stats to the whole world, but we were truly blessed with many new families this week, 18 new investigators. That is 18 new sons and daughters of God who get a chance to hear the Restored Gospel. That’s amazing. Unfortunately some will not accept the commitments to continue and others are not fully prepared, but I honestly believe that within these families are some elect and ready to help build the Church here in Mozambique.

Speaking of Mozambican growth, World Report was here this week to do a segment on the incredible growth of the church here. We got to help a bit, and meet some of the Pioneers from Beira (Bispo Mounga, the first Mozambican Missionary; and President Dickie, President of the Beira Stake).

We continue to work on the documents for two of our families Luis and Felizarda; and Ananais and Aldencia. We pray that the Registrar will work with us this week so they can open the process for marriage.

We walked in a tripla with Elder Wolley for part of the week, he was here in Maputo getting some medical treatment. Thus, I also learned a new word, verruga.

Photo Slide Shows – NOTE There some “interesting” photos here from the Natural History Museum – showing dioramas of the circle of life in action… Think “Wild Kingdom.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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