The Church Has Truly Risen Out of Obscurity Here

Elder Reinstein
Week 70

In front of Televisão de Moçambique,

In front of Televisão de Moçambique.

We were blessed with a lot of unique experiences this week. Unfortunately this did not leave a lot of time for traditional proselyting but we were able to continue to do the Lord’s work in other ways.

The first interesting experience was Elder Herd’s foot surgery. He has been having chronic problems with ingrown toenails. So that meant no walking for the week!

The same day we had an amazing devotional with some of the Pioneers of the church on Mozambique. Ex-Elder Tedjamulia and Ex-Elder Martins, the first missionaries in Mozambique, told us what it was like open a whole new country to the Gospel, in 1999. My jaw stayed dropped as the described what those first few years were like, the dedication of the country and more.

But what truly impressed me, was the development the country itself has seen, and the church. In those 15 years, we now have two stakes, a district and many other branches. Just yesterday, (May 24) my old ward Magoanine split into two wards. The growth looks to continue at an unprecedented rate. Ex-President Packard (2006-2009) also spoke.

President Kretly mentioned that since the creation of the Stakes, the leadership has truly taken their place and done miracles. One of these small miracles was the Stake Choir. When I first came to the country the District Choir was a handful of youth who could barely hold the melody.

We got to practice with the Stake Choir this week, with beautiful four part harmonies, and then we performed on national television, while President Kretly, Sister Kretly, Ex-Elder Tedjamulia and Ex-President Packard were interviewed.

The Church has truly risen out of obscurity here and has made a difference in the lives of thousands and thousands. I am so grateful to do my small little part in this enormous miracle.


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