‘Don’t Just Teach Them So They Understand, But Teach Them So They Can’t Misunderstand’

Elder Reinstein
Week 69

I love Elder Oryang! (And, I've grown a lot!)

I love Elder Oryang! (And, I’ve grown a lot!)

It was an interesting change of focus in our work this week. Unfortunately we saw many of our investigating families stop in their progression throughout the week. Not coming to church, not handling documents (for marriage), etc.

So we sat down and thought what we needed to do to help these families come closer to their Savior. I’ve heard it said before, “Don’t just teach them so they understand, but teach them so they can’t misunderstand.” So we boldly went forth and “cried repentance.’ We told many of these investigators that they can’t stay in the state of sin they are currently, repentance is urgent and explained the consequences of sin.

It was definitely a different experience, being so direct and frank. I am so used to being as loving as possible and avoid anything that could offend someone. Yet, we stilled followed the counsel we learn in D&C 121:43, and showed a greater outpouring of love at the end of each lesson.

And we do love them so much. We do want them to be happy, to experience the joy that we feel as we live the Gospel, receive baptism and one day make it to the temple. We felt it was the right thing to do, and we pray they will understand and not misunderstand.

And one interesting story this week. We were teaching one of our newer families, Benjamin and Açussena. They have moved from church to church, but currently are pretty committed to their latest church of “God and Miracles.” They have a charismatic pastor, but was truly confounded we he heard about the Book of Mormon. He then wanted to show us a magazine that had an article about the leader in his church.

The Magazine was titled “Famous People” and the main article was about the leader of this church, who is from Nigeria. The only pages he showed us were the faces of many “famous” people, with a blurb. Most were famous religious or scientific figures from the renaissance to the present day. And the back was the picture of their pastor and the very last picture was a man named “Tomás Monson– Leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day

We tried to explain to him that this was the living prophet, but he just assumed that we must be all from the same church. Funny, but a little frustrating. We hope to focus on the book of Mormon.

Great week, had a great division with Elder Poyfair again, and he introduced us to great family that he taught a long while ago!

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