And That Is When We Met the Amazing Family of Benjamin and Elvira

Elder Reinstein
Week 68


No images this week… here’s a photo from Zachary’s International Drivers License!

Although the stress does keep things exciting, we definitely had a more relaxed week this week in the office, and thus more time to spend in our area. It was very nice!

The big thing we had to coordinate this week was the Skype schedule for all the missionaries. It appears everything went well. I mean we almost messed it up for all the Elders in Beira, but besides that I got to call home and have a pleasant conversion!

Yesterday we needed to find some new families to teach. After we knocked doors for about an hour, we knock the door at an apartment, to be greeted by a full on fiesta. We offered to teach them all, but they respectfully declined.

So went to the next door, and that is when we met the amazing family of Benjamin and Elvira, and their 3 kids. Right after we sat with another family of 5. It was truly an answer to our prayers. The Lord is working in our front preparing the way for us.

Otherwise not too much to report. After transfers, we have a new Elder in the house, Elder Oryang. He is from Virginia, but his family is from Uganda.


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