Something That Really Stood Out To Me This Week Was The Power Of The Comforter

Elder Reinstein
Week 67

IMG_1415Remember last week how I said we had a great balance between our work in the office and our work in the field? Well that went out the window this week.

This week was one of the busiest weeks in the mission, but it was all the work of the Lord.

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference, which meant getting missionaries from all over the country and Swaziland to here in Maputo. (Not all of them, just half). Then on Wednesday we received three more missionaries. Then we also had to do a bunch of financial reports for the end of the month and then had 15 missionaries going home and then to top it all off we had transfers today. So there was a lot of coordination and logistics involved. It was really exciting but it really pushed us to our limit.

But the Zone Conference this week was incredible, as they say a spiritual feast. The focus was the high expectations that the Lord has for His missionaries to become completely dedicated servants unto Him. At the end President Kretly put the cherry on top and showed us “His Grace is Sufficient” by Brad Wilcox. I’m sure most have read it already, but there is a completely different spirit in watching the talk. I highly recommend it.  and

Something that really stood out to me this week was the power of the Comforter. This week was extremely stressful (if that hasn’t been made clear already). We had to spend long hours in the office, and there were days where it looked like we would spend just a little bit of time in our area. I remember driving to our area multiple times this week, after a long day at the office, feeling completely stretched thin.

Then, almost instantly when I got into my area, got to teach our families, got contact and invite people on the streets (even if they were madly drunk), an unimaginable peace came over me. I knew I was doing the Lord’s work. And I drove home that night completely happy and relaxed.

I may not be confronting huge tragedies, but even so, the Lord remembers His missionaries. His Grace is sufficient to give us the divine help we need when all our human strengths are nowhere near enough.

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