‘Wait! So That Means Joseph Smith Must Have A Second Bible Then?’

Elder Reinstein
Week 66

This is not a lobster!

This is not a lobster!

I don’t have to much to relate this week, but I was really glad how effective and diligent we were able to work this week even with our commitments in the Office. I know that might not sound like much, but when the assignments of the Office come pressing down, it can be easy to forget our proselyting area and our families that we are helping. This week we had a good balances and we are to be successful in both fronts.

I think this unique mission experience will be good training for the future as I try balancing my professional life with my family life. But something I have learned is that all things are spiritual unto the Lord is spiritual. Even putting a petty cash receipt into the correct account code.

This week we had a lot of help from the members. We taught a new family yesterday. When we got the the part about Joseph Smith, Julião, the husband, told us to “wait a second!” as he went to grab a pen a paper to take notes. After teaching of the Restoration, he explained, “Wait! So that means Joseph Smith must have a second Bible then??” Immediately the member teaching with me, Egus, grabbed the Book of Mormon from my lap and proclaimed, ” Yes! and here it is!”

Also this week, we watched General Conference, and it was great! (In case you haven’t already heard) We had another cook off with President today. This time it was fresh shrimp.

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