‘Steaks to celebrate the new Stakes!’

Elder Reinstein
Week 64

???????????????????????????????There are many faces to missionary work, and one does not get to know that better than by working in the Office. We get to run all the little logistics that many missionaries take for granted, while at the same time receiving the blessings of working in the field each day.

One example was the baptism of Arminda this week. Arminda has been coming to church since November, and since our focus is families we have taken her preparation process a little more slowly to help her be fully ready for the baptismal covenant that she will have to keep for the rest of eternity.

But she truly has proved her faith and repentance, and after her interview, Elder Coelho told us that she was one of the most prepared candidates he has ever interviewed. She gave her testimony after her baptism and told us an incredible story of her first Sunday coming to church.

Arminda was contacted by the Sisters on the street in November, who then invited her to Church. Many of these invitations go unheeded, but Arminda took it very seriously. She came to Church, but she was not informed that it was District Conference, and that all the members had already left on a bus. Instead of giving up, she grabbed a chapa and went all the way to Matola. She was very confused by the whole conference, but intrigued about what she heard.

Well she came back the next week, and Sisters taught her, then we began to teach her and she was baptized and confirmed this weekend. She couldn’t be happier and she will truly help build up the Kingdom of God.

Sorry for the long story, but it was touching to hear. She was just another elect, prepared soul whom we had the privilege of teaching. We have some other families approaching baptism as well.

In other news this week, we had a great Member Missionary Work activity at the church on Saturday. It was the highest attendance I have seen for an activity, and we have already seen the fruits, with three references received on Sunday.

We had an amazing Zone Activity today (April 13), Volleyball on the beach, with our new Zone T-Shirts. President came to play, then after the Sisters had all left, “Elders, I think we need to have a BBQ, steaks to celebrate the new Stakes!” and boy was it quite the celebration.

The facets of the work are rewarding, from being able to help people come closer to Christ, to being able to help the missionaries get the money they need to survive. Working in the office is hectic and stressful, but it flies by so fast and it is so fulfilling.

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