They didn’t seem nearly as excited as I was

Elder Reinstein

Week 59

???????????????????????????????Another week passes in the Work of the Lord. Even with 2 days lost this week with work I needed to do in the Office, we were still blessed with success in our teaching and finding. Now we have to translate the effort into helping our investigators to act. A lot depends on their agency and all we can do is properly prepare spiritually and work diligently. We had some difficulties this week in having families at Church, but I know the Lord will bless us as we continue with our diligence, obedience, and always asking for inspiration.

Some other excitement this week… Taco Night! President Kretly came to Magoanine on Wednesday to work with one companionship and then we celebrated with Taco Night! We live with 2 Mexicans, Elder Lara and Moreno, so the food was authentic and delicious. I was quite surprised that authentic Mexican food does not use cheese. But we ate, laughed and learned with President.

We got to visit the Zoo today, and there are only 4 types of animals (mostly monkeys), But we got to feed the monkeys and crocodiles.

Another funny story: While we were teaching a new family this week, I hear some strange music coming from the TV in the other room. It was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! I tried to explain that our church has a large, talented choir in the US. They didn’t seem nearly as excited as I was.

We look for new exciting ways to work this week! Magoanine continues to be as sandy as ever! Really works the legs!

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