‘Audit, Marriage, Baptism and Funeral’

Elder Reinstein

Week 58

It took the effort of a lot of missionaries to get here!

It took the effort of a lot of missionaries to get here!

If you forced me to describe my week in exactly four words they would be the following: audit, marriage, baptism and funeral.

Put that all together in one week and any normal person would be stressed. Since I am a normal person, I was very stressed. But the nice thing is that all of those events were directly part of the Lord’s work, and He tends to give a hand when He needs things to run a certain way. So even in the midst of this seemingly chaos, I knew that the Lord would help, and everything turned out fine.

Johanna from the Area Office came from Johannesburg on Monday to do an audit and training, so Elder Poyfair and I were brought back in and live at the Mission Office for three days. Everything went well!

During this, in the back of my mind was the wedding that we had to finish planning for Saturday. Thankfully, Bernardo and Cacildo have so much faith. They didn’t need a car. They didn’t need a fancy cake. They didn’t need Padrinhos (Godparents). They just needed baptism. So the marriage was simple, sweet and beautiful. They were immediately baptized and then confirmed on Sunday.

Also we were blessed to help out with the baptism of Gerson.

We also were able to comfort another member family, Sebastião and Lina when her father passed away, while both also were ill.

Otherwise Elder Johnson has been doing great adjusting, learning the language and loving the people. We had a great Zone Training this week and played soccer on the beach today (March 2).


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