‘The District of Maputo will be Formed into the First Stake in Mozambique’

Tiago at the Church this week!

Tiago at the Church this week!

Elder Reinstein

Week 54

The district of Maputo will be formed into the first stake in Mozambique on February 15th, 2015. What a miracle!

Well this week we found out this news in the midst of our Mission Tour by Elder Ellis of the Seventy. We had to help organize a lot of the logistics of the conference, but it went really well and I learned a lot. I especially enjoyed the leadership training meeting he had after the conference for mission leadership.

Throughout the week, we had a lot of blessings with some of the families we are working with. Gu presented his mother to us. She is very old and handicapped, but I was so humbled by his love and care for her. He insisted that she sit and hear from us too.

We met another family named Idelson and Susana. Idelson is the son of our Branch President, and he recommended that we start teaching them. Wow. We knew our Branch President was Elect, but we didn’t expect it to run in the family so strongly. They are truly prepared to relieve the Gospel. They told us they could feel something completely different in our lesson and promised God in prayer that they would come to church. They fulfilled that promise yesterday. I can just envision what a great support they will be to the Church here and how good they will look in White Temple Clothes.

This week as we passed through Matola, I happened to see Tiago. I can’t express my joy to know that he and his entire family are still strong and active in the Church. It looks like they all have callings that they are faithfully fulfilling!

Also this week Tomas and Dulce committed to marriage!

After all of this I am reminded that it is by these small and simple miracles that we see daily, where a great thing could be brought to pass.

A Stake!

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