One Year – In the Words of Samora Machel: ‘A luta continua!!’

New Office Staff!

The new Office Staff!

Elder Reinstein Week 52 (aka “The Hump”)

(Back to being caught up)

We had a great week, most of the excitement and entertainment still comes from our new family, Tomas and Dulce. When we visited him on Tuesday he was complaining that it was taking too long to get back to Sunday so they could go back to church!

This week we taught them the Word of Wisdom, and him looking like a Rasta, unfortunately gave us some fears before entering the lesson. As we asked if they had any problems with the 5 prohibited substances, Tomas told us that they only drank black tea, but that ran out a week ago! Turns out he had decided on his on will to give up alcohol, drugs and smoking about a year ago. Wow, the Lord really did send us back at the right time! (Elder Poyfair had contacted him in April).

We also had a new family appear at church on Sunday. Gu has been inactive for four or five years and he brought his girlfriend Ines. They absolutely loved church. When we went to visit him, happily, his testimony is still strong! “Yeah Ines was baptized in the Catholic Church, but I was baptized in the Only True Church!”

Otherwise we had a nice leadership counsel this week, a new housemate and lots of preparations for the upcoming Mission Tour/Special Visit!


“A luta continua!!” – translated: “the struggle continues!!”

If you are interested who Samora Machel is click his name. 

The Jungle Court after Gatorball

The Jungle Court after Gatorball


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