“…Gersio picked up, and in hushed tones said, ‘Elders, I’m up top!’”

Elder Reinstein Week 47


IMG_0002This week we were able to see the fruit of much labor, personally, in our companionship and from all the missionaries in Maputo. On Sunday, the branches of Maputo 1 and 2 divided into the Branches of Chamaculo (our area!), Sommerschield and Polana. This will be a great opportunity for the work in Maputo to go even faster; to have more missionaries serve in the mission, and to pave the way for a stake in the near future.

Also, Gersio and Marilia opened the process this week! It has been amazing to see the sacrifice they have made, and the act of faith to continue forward. It was really funny on Sunday, around the second hour we began stressing out because they weren’t at church. We kept calling, and calling only to have them busy us. Finally Gersio picked up, and in hushed tones said, “Elders, I’m up top!” We went up to the top floor, only to realize that they had been there the whole time, in the Gospel Doctrine class with all the members.

Some other good news this week…We watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and the missionaries gave a nice musical presentation to the members after. We also had a great Integration Night, where we had over 40 members/recent converts/investigators gather, play and enjoy the Spirit. See the pictures of the crazy balloon game we played.


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