As we sat in a circle, I could not help but think of the Jedi Council

(Weeks 45 & 46 Combined)

???????????????????????????????Elder Reinstein Week 45

It is interesting work here, work here in the office. We don’t get nearly as much time in the field, but I feel about 100 times more effective.

Let me tell you about two miracles that happened this week, even with our limited time (events that would often take several weeks to occur in Matola or T-3). The first happened with a family I wrote about last week, Jersio and Marilia (we had marked a baptismal date for the 25th of December) They really enjoyed District Conference (it was a transmission from President Uctdorf, Bednar and others for all of Africa) and they spoke to some member families. Well last Monday they gave us a call that they need us to come over that night. I’ve gotten that call many times before…and it has never turned out good. We went there in the evening and he began by apologizing – apologizing that it was his fault that they weren’t baptized sooner. They then told us that December 25th was just too far away, and they needed to get baptized as soon as possible. Well we were more than happy to help, as they finalize all the marriage documents.

The next miracle happened with a new family, Luis and Felizarda. We had a great Restoration lesson with them, and we asked at the end if they had any questions.”Yes, I have just one question, how can I get baptized, I really want to turn my life around.” Wow. And this desire was empty either. The couple arrived 30 minutes to Church on Sunday, by themselves, and they loved it.

I got quite the taste of America (last) Thursday. President Kretly brought the office staff Big Macs from South Africa. Lunch was heavenly. Then an Ex-Pat American family invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner. It was unbelievable delicious. Real American Turkey, Apple Pie, Mashed Potatoes. I have not felt that stuffed in a very long time. And then they asked us if we wanted to bring the extra Turkey home. I nearly cried with joy at the invitation.

In other news this week… We went to a part of our area called Catembe, which is only accessible by boat. It is so weird to be in a part so undeveloped when most of our area is very urban. But it is gorgeous, and especially fun to be caught in the rain there. Had another Primary Program this week, and the Branch had record attendance this week.


Elder Reinstein Week 46

???????????????????????????????You might think that working in the office would not have nearly the excitement of working in the field (by the way, we still work in the field), but you would be grossly mistaken.

This week President had us fly in all the Zone Leaders from the entire country to have a Leadership Council. On Tuesday night we picked up Elders from Beira and Nampula and all day Wednesday we all gathered in the office in counsel. As we sat in a circle, I could not help but think of the Jedi Council.

Anyway, we discussed several topics that I really believe will have a very positive effect on the mission. I learned so much as we followed the Lord’s way and counseled together; the Spirit was strong.

In other news, Jersio and Marilia/Luis and Felizarda are still progressing well towards marriage and baptism. They are families that are just so easy to love. But we have a great miracle this week. As we were waiting for another lesson, three random kids came up to us and grabbed our hands. They started leading us down sketchy alleys until we reached a house. We met a family name Florencio and Fida. They were investigators six months back, but had moved away. Well it turns out this family already has the process open for marriage and want to get married/baptized as soon as possible. They came to church yesterday and we have a lot of hope for them!

Photos from Week 45  (See below these photos for Week 46 pix)


 Week 46 Photos






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