“Já não há espaço pelos Santos aqui na Moçambique”

Week 44

The Assistants, Elder Mason and Hamrick

So, I think I might have changed missions, because working here is nothing like I have experienced before in Mozambique. We have a car, we have a computer, we have almost constant power and water. What more could you ask for?

So in the midst of taking Elders to and from the airport or bus for transfers, we actually got to spend a lot of time in the field this week. We work in part of the city of Maputo called Chamaculo, and it has a lot of character. As you walk down the main road, there is a man selling Lichi by the kilo, another trying to rip us off to buy a “Jesus” belt, while groups of drunken men call out our name. The best part is that Elder Poyfair has been here for 7 transfers (since March) so he knows almost all these people.

Working in a triple (companionship) is an entirely different dynamic, but luckily Elder Lourenço and Elder Poyfair are extraordinary missionaries. We had a lesson this week with a non-progressing family Gersio and Marilia. He had some questions about the story of Enos in the Book of Mormon. We taught about faith, and as we followed the promptings of the Spirit and by the end of the lesson they accepted baptism and marriage again, on Christmas! As I learned after how they had just rejected both a couple weeks ago, I was baffled how powerfully the Spirit worked with all three of us.

This week was the District Conference for all the branches in Maputo and the surrounding areas. As we packed people into the Matola Chapel, there still was 150 people who had to stand outside. The District President, President Castanheira, began the meeting saying, “Já não há espaço pelos Santos aqui na Moçambique” or “We no longer have space for the Saints here in Mozambique.” Wow, the church is exploding.

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