And Then We Got to Top It All Off With a Baptism

Elder Reinstein Week 41 (Not 42 despite what I named the weblink)


Casamento!! (Marriage!!) Mozambicans are crazy, and I mean that in the most loving way possible.

When the Wedding of Pedro and Ana started at 8 am on a rainy Saturday morning, the singing, dancing and chanting started, not to stop for at least another 10 hours. It was quite the spectacle, and then we got to top it all off with a baptism of the couple and their son. They received a huge support from the family, many of whom came to church the next day to feel of that same Spirit again.

Plus we got to feast at two parties, so that was a nice perk. (Check out the food pics)

Unfortunately we weren’t able to baptize the three brothers, France, Cadu and Mando, becuase Cadu broke his femur. So we will wait to baptize all of them together.  Yet, it was a great opportunity to serve that family as we visited him, and carry an immobilized Cadu around. (His cast goes from his toes to his hips.)

In other excitement, we got a new Elder in the house this week, Elder Decue. We adventured in downtown Maputo today, checking out some monuments and the famous “Mercado Central.”


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