It truly is a heartfelt desire to follow the Savior

Elder Reinstein – Week 39 (week 40 to follow below)

Photos from the hike/hippo adventure

Photos from the hike/hippo adventure

Well it has been a busy, but exciting week!

Pedro and Ana have picked a dress, witnesses, have transportation, it appears everything is falling into place for the wedding/baptism on the 1st. We are also preparing some other faithful children for baptism on the 1st as well (France, Cadu, Mando). I am so inspired by their faith and diligence as these people come closer to baptism. It truly is a heartfelt desire to follow the Savior.

We are working with an interesting new family this week, Levi and Gina. They absolutely love the message, the Book of Mormon, and conference. He is asking that we pass by every day, just so he has “this feeling I can feel when we talk”. They just have one struggle. There is a Zion’s Church they run, literally in their backyard. This is kind of a similar situation as the last week. Our role is to point out these Spiritual promptings and make sure he understands the significance of them so he can act and follow the will of the Lord.

We also had some interesting adventures this week. Elections ran extremely peacefully on Wednesday.

We watched Conference on the weekend. I particularly enjoyed Elder Godoy’s talk for obvious reasons. We checked out the zoo last Monday, and it is far different that a zoo in the United States. The monkeys escape the cages and harass the visitors, but they also do flips on command. We also checked out a region called Marraceune today, following rumors of hippos. Unfortunately we did not find any hippos today, but the view was breathtaking. Everything you have dreamed about Africa, and more.



Elder Reinstein – Week 40

I have discovered an interesting pattern in my work here, most of the miraculous experiences and outpourings of the Spirit seem often to happen on Sundays. I am not exactly sure why, whether it be a blessed day by the Lord or we are just closer to the Spirit after church, but these experiences certainly help me recognize the Hand of the Lord in my life.

Thus, the week was no different, but certainly great experiences were had throughout the entire week. The new family we have been working with, Levi and Gina, not only accepted marriage this Sunday, but also agreed to travel within the week to grab crucial “documentos.” This would not have been possible without the help of a member, Antonio. Not only did he visit the family with us, but also went personally. With his help we were able to explain the Law of Chasity, along with the principles of sacrifice, and serving only one Master so they could act on their faith.

In fact, we saw an incredible support from many members this week as they brought friends to church and gave us many references. They have also been a great support as we are preparing Pedro and Ana for marriage/baptism this week.

But in other news, we got to go on an incredible hike today. See the pictures. Also we had a visiting Seventy as we prepare for a Stake in the near future. The day the Seventy came, due to some delays, I had some time to visit my old area, and see the strength of some of my old families. I had a division (split) with Elder Pedro this week.

Photo Gallery – Click on any picture to make it larger and scroll through larger photos.



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