‘He had this small, tiny problem; he is a pastor for another church’

Elder Reinstein Week 38

Elder Reinstein using his jacket purchased in Ohio to get read for the rain!

Elder Reinstein using his jacket purchased in Ohio to get ready for the rain!

Well I made it to T-3 and it is a whole different world than the City of Matola. I work in an area called Ndlavela that is covered with a lot of sand, making walking quite a workout. I come home very tired, yet very accomplished. We do a lot of our shopping in the markets here, the bakeries are spectacular and the energy/water is less reliable. Ahh, truly an African paradise.

I am most definitely not here to enjoy the scenery or the fresh bread, but the people. And this area is already enjoying the blessings of great missionaries of the past. I only hope I can continue to deserve these blessings. We have a family, Pedro and Ana (with Alfoso!) that will be baptized and married on the first, with many more to come.

My new comp is Elder Christiansen from Spanish Fork, Utah. He is in the second transfer here. A great missionary already, and my favorite part is he knows how to work!

This week was spent discovering the area and the people, but we still had a lot of really amazing experiences. One was with a family named Inacio and Marta. They are actually the parents of member youth that we spend a lot of time walking with. They have already seen the amazing influence the gospel has played on Inacio, Jr’s life and were very willing to hear the message. When we sat with them the second time they told us that “the word entered into to their hearts, and it was good” Yet, he had this small, tiny problem; he is a pastor for another church. We boldly told him that the Lord has declared that this Church is the only True and Living Church on the face of the earth (See D&C 1:30). “Well, I understand and I believe that. Give me some time to leave my families I teach in good hands and I will come and invite these families to follow me.” Whoa. My hope is that he is willing to leave the comfortable place he is in and follow the Will of the Lord that he already recognizes. Pray that his heart is softened to act in such a way.

In other news, we taught a Mission Prep class about the Book of Mormon and I was so impressed at the strength of the testimonies of the youth here, as well as their teaching abilities. The branch had Primary Program yesterday. My favorite little talk went as the following by a little girl being held up to the pew, “Good Morning Brothers and Sisters. I help my brother to dress. I help my brother to eat. In, the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Before you get to the photos below, click here to view a movie Zachary shot, a few weeks ago, after church in Matola




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