In fact, he had already downloaded the Book of Mormon on his iPad

The famous Joao DeMelo!

The famous Joao DeMelo!

Elder Reinstein Week 37 – Transferred!

Well, I am not sure if I can believe it, but Monday, I was transferred from Matola A to an area, still in the city of Matola, called T-3. I have absolutely loved the time, experiences, and the people I have met here in Matola. Truly I have learned so much, but I am sure excited for a new adventure. I have met my new comp a couple of times, but I will let you know more about him next week!

We had some good experiences this week, but I’d like to talk a little bit about a new family we found, named Claudio and Sandra. They live in a humble neighborhood, but in a fairly nice house. He is an electrical engineer, but I am not exactly sure what that means here. Oh, and they are legally married. When we taught the first lesson, they raised doubts about the only true church of Christ. It is a very common belief that any church/person/organization that invokes the name of God, is true since there is only one God. Typically, people have trouble understanding the attributes of the True Church of God and the need for authority, but this family humbly accepted our teaching and willingly accepted the invitation to ask God through prayer to get a confirmation.

When we returned the next day, they told us the peace they had felt the night before. In fact, he had already downloaded the Book of Mormon on his iPad before we arrived. (Side Note: we had not even taught about the Book of Mormon yet, and iPads are very rare here.) I was touched not only by their real intent to know the truth, but also how teachable they were which was based on their Faith in Christ.

Otherwise, I had a good week. We had a little feast yesterday in the house. Elder Jermuce and I did some service Tuesday and cut down a tree. A good end to the transfer.



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