Unfortunately, I Kept Translating ‘Goose’ as ‘Goat’

Elder Reinstein – Matola Week 36

Bruno and Almalia!

Bruno and Almalia!

As I see into the lives, the thoughts, the desires, the addictions, the hopes, the worries and the faith of investigators it becomes more and more apparently that these people are so much more than a “baptismal statistic” as Elder Holland would say. Our work truly changes the lives of Heavenly Father’s children, for eternity. This is the real deal. We are helping these people to completely change and leave behind their old self, whether it be a substance addiction or a broken marriage.  Can you imagine the responsibility that rests on our shoulders as missionaries? I can’t fully comprehend it, because this responsibility is not only shared within the companionship, but also with the Savior.

Anyway, that is a long-winded way of saying that we encountered some deep personal challenges with some of our investigators this week. So we teach repentance, we teach the Atonement, we help and we leave the rest to their faith in Christ.

This week we were blessed to find several new families (the most I have ever found in one week) . We were blessed to get the final document for Mimo and Elisa so that they can open the process for marriage this week. We were blessed to learn at Zone Conference.

Some other tidbits: I got to translate for the Swaziland Missionaries at Zone Conference, unfortunately I kept translating goose as goat. It caused some confusion for a bit. We were teaching a lesson this week when a Jehovah’s Witness missionary came, sat and taught with us. I am sure from an outside perspective it appeared pretty hilarious. Also we dropped another investigator when we found out he was a polygamist this week. Great week, transfers next week!


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