The Lord clearly knows his dire need to receive the gospel now

Elder Reinstein Week 34

Well if you looked at the stats from this week, you could say this was the most successful week of my mission. But behind every number is a lesson or soul of great value to us and more importantly our Heavenly Father. And this week we were incredibly blessed to find such souls prepared to receive the good news of the Gospel.

We were sadly turned away from Masvaldo and Lousia when his family told him he couldn’t change from the church he was born into. Disappointed, I felt drawn to knock doors on one of the few streets of the entire area I have yet to knock. The first door, we are beckoned in by a woman. She shows us inside where an older man is sitting, as if already waiting for us. From the initial conversation we learn Alfredo has had cancer for four years. He shows us the tumors protruding on his neck (I assume it is a form of Leukemia) and explains in his husky voice that it has recently starting to affect his respiration. We seem to have come in just the nick of time. The Lord clearly knows his dire need to receive the gospel now.

The next new family is Bruno and Amalia. He is a reference from our recent convert, Marta Chivite. Well when we sat with him, we found out that he went to church last week, unbeknownst to us and already has read parts of the Book of Mormon with Marta. He has already committed to this church, after attending many in the past, he has found the Truth. We have taught the message; they have felt the Spirit, now these new families only need to act to receive the fullness of Joy.

Other excitement this week: Had a division with Elder Rebollo, the political campaign dominates the streets with trucks blasting music. I also traded ties with Felix Dimene, to obtain the sickest tie I have ever seen. Look out for in pictures in the future since I took none this week. Whoops!

In lieu of photos this week, here is a glimpse at life in Mozambique, from President and Sister Kretly via YouTube.

The video caption reads: Small village, close to Ribaue, Nampula. Only families live there. Lucas Bento, 73 years of age, started the church in Portugal almost 15 years ago and persisted (?) until missionaries arrived there and he baptized the family, and now we have a group of approximately 40 members of the Church.




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