There Is No River, or Mire that Can Stop Us!

Elder Reinstein Week 30

Lunch with Elder Keck. He  justs turned 20 last week.

Lunch with Elder Keck. He justs turned 20 last week.

The work continues here in Matola, I can’t believe I am approaching six months in my first area of the mission, but I absolutely love it here. “Matola A” might actually be one of the nicest areas in all of Mozambique, the other Elders often tease and call it America. But truly this area has such a variety of places, people and experiences. The past couple weeks we have been struggling with finding new families, especially with all the time we have been spending in Maputo. But I knew we would be blessed for our obedience and our work. And thus we were, but I certainly didn’t happen immediately. It wasn’t until Saturday and Sunday we were able to sit with a new family, but we found four, including Tavelo and Regina who have been extremely prepared.

Otherwise, I had a splattering of other interesting experiences this week! I had a division with Elder Keck. We have been living together since the MTC! But he took me Pastalaria Princessa, JP’s other restaurant, and it was fine. Certainly, a lunch of “Treat Yourself.” We cleaned the cemetery again this week, but with members and missionaries from the whole District of Maputo. The rainy season has started again and we are proselyting in rain jackets, boots and umbrellas. There is no river, or mire that can stop us!

I’ve begun to notice something unique about the people here — how brutally honest they are. They are not afraid to say anything to a person. There is no such thing as “Political Correctness”, and often it makes me squirm. But the honesty is just matter of fact, and turns out to be hilarious. A couple such experiences happened this week. A young (chubby) girl goes up to an ice cream stand, “I want three scoops!” The server responds, “You can finish all that??” “Of course!” “Well, this is why you are so big. “I’m not big, I am just fat!” The server nods her head in agreement and Elder Keck and I just crack up. Another, we ask a member how Church was on Sunday, his response, “The first talk I could not hear, the second talk was excellent and the third talk was poorly prepared. People need to prepare their talks, there are investigators at church!” When you ask some, “How are you doing?” The answer isn’t automatically “good” or “great” often “Normal”, “so-so”, or “things are going”. As Elder Jemuce has taught me, when you ask a Mozambican a question, there will give nothing more and nothing less than the honest blunt truth. I love it!




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