With Faith, There Exists No Obstacle That The Lord Can’t Remove


JP, Fernando, and I

Elder Reinstein Week 28

This week I learned that with faith, there exists no obstacle that the Lord can’t remove to keep His commandments. It truly was a miracle this week as we saw the incredible faith of Cardoso and Edith. We went to get the docs for marriage Tuesday morning, but that had no money. We told them to pray, and the Lord will provide a way. Thirty minutes later they call, “We just got half the money! We are going to get some of the docs right now!” Great! Another 30 minutes pass, and we get another call. “We just got all the money! We want to get all the documents today.” “Great! We will meet at the Register in 30 minutes!” Wow, I was just stunned how quickly those prayers were answered. But I could easily see that their faith was not in vain, they had to have faith to act immediately in order to keep the commandments of the Lord. As I type this, they are opening the process for Marriage to be married here in 20 days.

Well another amazing experience this week as well. A few weeks ago, a white South African man, comes up to me. I was stunned that he would come to talk to me, seeing as I am almost always rebuffed by these type of men. But, I find out he is the general manger of Mimmos, the very nice Italian restaurant in the area. Not only does he want to talk with us, he wants to invite us to dinner. How could I deny that?? This simply is because he has seen us talking to people in front of his restaurant. Well, we got to eat with JP this week, and it was incredible. The best I have ever eaten on the mission. Steak, Sausage, Xima, Salad, Potatoes, Cake, and more. The other elders also managed to come eat with us too!

Tomorrow, we are going to teach him about the Restoration! Amazing how example, our service, our Spirit can influence those around us.



An Update on Ebola (from Ken Reinstein) – No missionaries had been exposed as of an email we received on Saturday, and all have been transferred from the Western African countries where the outbreak is happening. Here is an excerpt from that email:

Mozambique and Swaziland are far from the focus on this virus. Your missionaries are being well cared for and are at no significantly increased risk for the Ebola virus. All medical resources at hand are being utilized to follow the progression of this outbreak and the church will take all the necessary precautions to protect the health of the missionaries serving here in Africa. We also know that the Lord protects his missionaries as they are obedient and as we make intelligent decisions to protect them, he also will bless them.

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