The Ostrich Bit Me

Elder Reinstein Week 27

Yep that is the one that bit me. I might survive.

Yep that is the one that bit me. I might survive.

I’ve heard it said that one of the roles of missionaries is to help tear down the barriers investigators have towards making the next commitment in order to come closer to Christ. We do this by augmenting their faith and by teaching for understanding the doctrines. But a missionary can only do so much when investigators create more obstacles that obstruct the path of happiness. Agency is a missionary’s greatest ally and enemy. [These are not my original ideas here.]

So it can be understood why this week held some disappointment when several investigators started to create these obstacles of progression. Becoming a member of The Church of Jesus Christ can be a scary and expected change, but faith in the Lord replaces fear. Most of the obstacles we faced this week were fear of family. It was a bit discouraging, so we decided to prayer for comfort and guidance.

Well we received that answer yesterday. We had three incredible lessons. The first with Mario and Rita (baptized in January), a family we are helping prepare to go to the Temple in January. “We will do anything to put the things of the Lord first and receive these blessings for eternity” Mario recited his conversion story, and how his conversion here in Matola led to the conversion of all his family members in Beira. It was inspiring and joyous to hear his devotion to the Savior. Next we sat with Cardoso and Idith. We just taught the Law of Chastity on Friday, and now they are committed fulfill this commandment of the Lord through marriage. So committed, in fact, that they have left behind Lobolo, all other doubts and will open the process for marriage by Friday. Finally we had the chance to teach a lesson with a less active member, Jaime, yesterday to Mimo and Elisa. He came back to church yesterday, and as he was teaching them about verses in the Book of Mormon, you could see the light of the Spirit ignite in everyone’s eyes. These little joys remind me how grand my purpose is here in Mozambique.

In other news, we went to Mundo’s on Tuesday to celebrate 6 months. It is a super nice, American and American owned restaurant (I had a pizza and a chocolate milkshake). So nice that I was seriously stressing out. We checked out this little zoo in our area. We also passed a house that had some Ostriches and peacocks in the front yard.

The ostrich bit me.


img_0293.jpg img_0292.jpg img_0288.jpg img_0287.jpg img_0286.jpg

Various pics from IBAVET…A zoo, restaurant, and vet

Various pics from IBAVET…A zoo, restaurant, and vet

img_0284.jpg img_0283.jpg

Another day of Gatorball

Another day of Gatorball


One thought on “The Ostrich Bit Me

  1. But, Elder, you didn’t tell us if you bit back! Love reading of your service and adventures in that far-off place, the spiritual AND the profain. Great experiences for all of us. Blessings in all the days to come!

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