“Those are the exact words He told me in the dream!”

Rudolph and Isabel

Rudolph and Isabel

Two Weeks of Posts from Weeks 24 & 25. Please check out the photo gallery in a separate post.

WEEK 24 (from July 7)

A grandiose week if there ever was one. Ok, I know that sound facetious, but really it was a wonderful week with a couple incredible experiences.

The first being zone conference on Tuesday, which was incredible, as usual. Whenever President Kretly is given a chance to speak, he seems to inspire everyone around him. This Zone Conference was focused on how to be extraordinary missionaries. And they provided a wonderful lunch! Meio frango, com arroz e batatas fritas, or half a chicken with rice and French fries, one of the most popular dishes to eat here in Mozambique.

The next experience was something really special and sacred, that occurred yesterday. We set up a new lesson with a family named Rudolph and Isabel. They are a well-off couple and legally married (!!!!) with two young boys. We start the lesson asking about their belief in God, and Rudolph begins relating some dreams that he has had in the past that his strengthened his faith, his search for truth (they both have a Catholic background) and also established his belief as God, our Father and the Omnipotent.

The lesson continues well, we talk about the fall of Christ’s Church, and he explains, “even the scriptures predict that! Especially in Revelation [quotes a scripture].” Which of course, we couldn’t agree more. Then we talk about Joseph Smith, and I recite his account of the First Vision. As I say, “Joseph, this is my Beloved Son, hear Him!” Rudolph gasps, and grabs Isabel’s shoulder and says, “Those are the exact words He told me in the dream!” I look in his eyes and begin to see them tear up, his wife also. The Spirit has immersed the room, and I am barely able to continue. But with watery eyes I say, “I know Joseph Smith really did see God and Jesus Christ, and I know he truly did received and answer to his prayer.”

Wow, we have to take a moment to pause. As we get to the end of the lesson they accept the invitation to pray, the accept the invitation of baptism and they accept a baptismal date. Isabel says, “We’ve talked about our faith for years, we’ve prayed for years, but today I felt something completely different than I have ever felt before.”

I am so grateful for the Lord guiding us to prepared families. I only hope I can continue to have such amazing spiritual experiences in the future in order to bring families to Christ.


Week 25 (July 14)

Well this is going to be more of a letter of updates, instead of new stories this week.

Let’s start with Manuel, the former drunk
We took him to family night this week, and recited the experience when he first met us, and how grateful he was that night when we broke the cigarettes and changed his life forever. In one of the lessons this week he sits us down, points at the Book of Mormon and says, “I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church of God.” Wow, such a mighty change wrought in the man through his embrace of Christ’s Atonement. He is so excited to be an example of change to all his associates.

Next Rudolph and Isabel (The couple from Week 24)
Well, we drove with them to church yesterday, and the whole family loved it. He sent us a text afterwards, “Church was great. We liked how we felt more than welcomed and it was interesting to revive and notice how important it is to receive the Word of our Lord. Thank you.” Please see the picture we took at the Church together!

Some other updates…
Had an amazing division with Elder Mortimer this week, and we have the pictures to prove it! We went to the bay, say a flock of flamingos! Also transfers happened today. Looks like I am training a brand new native here in Matola! Guess I won’t be speaking English this transfers!

Out of time, but check out the pictures of family night (Manuel is the older man on the left), the pics on the Bay with the city and the Flamingos in the background, pictures with Mimo and Elisa, Pictures Lucia, Ben and Berta and their family.

Love you!



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