“I got that sick hat from KFC!”

IMG_0143 (1)Fairly normal week, but a couple of interesting experiences happened… the strangest being teaching in English—twice! The first one was with of the daughters of Raphael, Susan, who was born in South Africa. We continue to teach the family, just now in two languages.

But the second story is a bit more exciting. Last week I got the contact of a white, South African couple named Peter and Amanda, which in itself is pretty exciting as most white people ignore our existence.

Well it gets better, they agree to a lesson from of us. We are freaking out, because simply we don’t know if we can teach in English (I personally have never done it before). So they pick us up (in a car!) and instead of taking us to their house, they take us to Mundo’s (super nice American Restaurant). Well the lesson goes ok, until they start asking questions. I am pretty sure they are strong Pentecostals, and I am not sure why they wanted to hear us in the first place. Well at the end of the lesson, we ask Peter to pray to ask God if our message is true. He smirks at us, “Well, I already know it’s not” then proceeds to grab our hands and pray for the welfare of our souls. Hey, at least the wife, Amanda, was fairly nice and we know we can somewhat teach in English!

Some other updates: Had a great division with Elder Thomas this week! Manuel (the drunk that came to church last week) accepted baptism, with a date and oh… he is legally married!!!! The 25th was Independence Day! Not much happened, other than the city was pretty empty in the morning, and I got that sick hat from KFC!




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