3 New Couples (Casais) This Week with 3 Incredible Stories.

That is not a pumpkin, the gigantic grapefruit I received.

That is not a pumpkin, the gigantic grapefruit I received.

A spirited report from Elder Reinstein this week.

Language key:

  • Casais – a group of married people
  • Casal – a couple (as in man and wife)


Casal 1- Rafael and Carolina – So I met Rafael last week as I was grabbing a (at least daily) loaf of bread from the local bakery. He was super complimentary of the missionaries and the work we do. I took his number and called him the next day, and he agrees to a lesson. We show up to our meeting spot and he is driving in a car! And, he takes us to his home (with 4 more cars!) He tells about his life, he is a Coca-Cola executive and has several other businesses here and in South Africa. (For which he thanks the Lord for His hand in his life.) He also has visited several other churches, searching for truth his whole life. Well we could certainly help him there. As we wait for his wife to come home, he shows us his texts to her. “See how they all end in TAM, know what that means?” I had no idea. “Te amo muito!” (Love you much) AHHH, so adorable! And, I am certainly not a mushy-emotional person, just such a blessing to see a man who had such a great love for his whole family. Well, he loved our message and accepted baptism. Our return visit is tonight (June 16). Pray that he will receive an answer to his prayer!


Casal 2- Manuel and Celma – Well Manuel was a street contact that I began being very persistent to sit with, and we finally got to sit with them twice this week. They immediately responded to our message so well, and on our return visit, understood everything perfectly, but they just need more to read to get a better answer! Well we had such a Book. He was so incredibly grateful for the Book of Mormon. So excited for their bright future.


Casal 3- Cardovo and Adita – So this night, we were walking with a member, Edson (not Chivite), and all our lessons had dropped, so we were desperate to do something productive. In this desperation, we end up knocking gates in an ultra-rich part of our area, where we have had almost no success getting in. Well, Elder Bourne knocks this one gate we pass, and the guard lets us in. We look at each other in shock. Cardovo gladly welcomes us in and to sit. He has been searching for a church to go to for a while, and has a lot of questions for us. We gladly share our message. And, to top it all off, he hands me a gigantic grapefruit. (See photo)


Oh and the best thing about all these casais, all are legally married. (!!!!!!!!!) I don’t know why we deserved these remarkable blessings this week, but I know the Lord has led us to these prepared families.

Some other highlights: Went on two divisions this week, the first with Elder De Pina (he teaches like no other!) and then with Elder Hunsaker in a different house! He took me to this burger place, and I got a burger with polony, egg, cheese and the fries right on top. I am still dreaming about it!


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