When the Lord Closes the Door, He Opens a Window

img_0113-1.jpgElder Reinstein – Week 19:

I am not going to lie, it was a tough week. There were some little tough parts, but ultimately the biggest disappointed was the delay of Agostinho and Angela’s marriage/baptism. We truly are confused, because just a few weeks before they were so ready to get married no matter the obstacle, but now they are insisting on paying lobolo which could take…a year. So we are fasting, we are praying, and we are hoping for a change of heart. Because, if they don’t get married by the end of next month, they will have to do all the documents over again.

Yet as the adage goes when the Lord closes the door, he opens a window. And I can testify to that. We are so excited for Marta (single mom) and her two kids Tiago and Jada who will be getting baptized this Saturday. (We already baptized her oldest Edson.) And literally last night we got 4 amazing member references, with one family who has already opened the process for marriage. I can’t even begin to explain how much of a blessing this is. (As a disclaimer, he was drunk out of his mind, so we need to confirm this.) And to top that off we still have couples like Adilio/Rosa and Pereria/Lina who show the most touching humility and willingness to progress and come unto to Christ. We are pressing on and I know the Lord will bless us.

Not too much else to report this week. We had transfers today (which now include missionaries from Swaziland) and I am staying here with Elder Bourne.


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