The Next Night the Sister Missionaries Show Up; and Surprise, Surprise

Elder Reinstein – Week 17 Matola

Pictures from Mercado Santos

Pictures from Mercado Santos

This week was dominated by a “Casa Aberta” or open house at the Chapel. I actually serve in the newest meetinghouse in the country (most of the other chapels are rented out spaces). So the District Presidency decided to turn this beautiful chapel into a missionary opportunity and opened it up to the public for tours and to receive more information about the Church and its programs. (Of course, visitors are always welcome.) So I worked three nights this week trying to get people in from off the street, and also teaching mini-Restoration lessons to the people who came in.

Convincing people to come in off the street was one of the most difficult things I have done, yet when Elder Schachterle and I worked for two hours, we got about 10 people. Let’s just say we felt pretty accomplished. The next night the Sister missionaries show up; and surprise, surprise, immediately there are so many people, we can barely handle the traffic!

Otherwise it was a fairly normal week. I got to watch my first Mozambican wedding, and boy that was an experience! (a lot of singing/chanting in dialect) But I’ll tell you more about that when our couple, Angela and Agostinho get married on the 31st!

Got to go on a division (split) with Elder Schachterle (our new district leader) this week, and got to see Malhampsene (pronounced nowhere near how it is spelled) for the first time. Also last P-day went on a mini-adventure with Elder Williams to check out Mercado Santos. This is the largest market in the surrounding area, and it is filled with stands that range from fish to plumbing to shirts to grains and beyond!

I hadn’t realized how blessed I have been with the language until I had to give those rapid Restoration lessons by myself this week. The Lord has truly opened my tongue to be able to touch the hearts of these people. Yet, there is still a lot of work left to do!


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