‘One of the most entertaining Sundays of my life!’

Matola Week 16 – Mother’s Day (Last week’s post)

Pictures from the chapela* ride home! We managed to fit 4 missionaries, and I had to share a seat with the driver! *the ch is almost always pronounced as an sh.


Man that call home was so fulfilling. Thank you again! [And please forgive me for not saying a happy Mother’s Day!, but HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!]

Otherwise this week was work as usual. But we have been especially working with a young man named Ben. He is 11 years old, and has two older sisters (Berta and Inez) who are super strong in the Church. Their family actually found the Church in 2006 and has been attending ever since. Their parents have rejected marriage after they got offended recently, but the three children truly have the Light of Christ in their eyes. I have no idea why Ben wasn’t baptized years ago, but he is so ready for his baptism this week.

As for some of the families we are teaching, Helio and Florencia missed the 20 day mark to open the process for marriage on the 31st of May. But they are so utterly committed to getting married that he ran all the way out to Boane (probably an hour away) to try and open the process there on time. I really think (and pray) they will do it. We are also teaching a lady named Marta, the mother of Edson that we baptized a month ago. It seems like every lesson we go to with her she is inviting more of her children and more of her friends to hear about the Gospel. (Currently we are baptizing her and five of her kids on the 31st as well!) But we are pressing on, working on documents, families, and new investigators to allow the blessings of the Lord to be had here in Matola A. I see the Church blossoming here, aqui em nada!

Some other tidbits…We made it to Maputo (and back) for Skype by way of bolea (free ride), chapa, chapela, and feet. We played a super fun game call Gatorball this morning as a district. Oh, and we are helping the Primary learn “Mae Te Amo” (Love You Mom) in sacrament meeting. One of the most entertaining Sundays of my life!


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