‘A week of exceedingly great joy and sorrow’

March 31, 2014


???????????????????????????????So let me start with the moments of joy that were sprinkled throughout the week.

On Tuesday we had a family night. Let me tell you, family night in Mozambique is quite the experience compared to family night in the states. First, it starts at least an hour late (as is the Mozambican way). And it becomes quite the party, with almost 25 people there– families of members, families of investigators, and just some other guys who wanted to tag along. I give a brief spiritual message (Helaman 5:12, I believe). Then the games begin. They absolutely love those games you would play in elementary school! We played a game called Zoom, Market (a kind of musical chairs), and telephone. And then to top it all of, we have cake. Fun times were had, and another family night was immediately planned. [See the pictures, there are quite a few of us at night in a circle].

This Saturday we had the baptism of Edson and Shakila, which was a small, but a beautiful event. (Included pics of the family, and then with us, and with the Branch President, President Arries) I was able to have my first baptism ever, with Shakila, and even in a different language, I got it completely correct my first time! Elder Bourne baptized Edson. They were confirmed at Church yesterday, it made me so happy to see the joy on their faces. ???????????????????????????????

Now for the moment of grief. On Saturday night we went by to greet “cumprimentar” one of investigator families, Aurelio and Marcia. Everything was great, and we were excited to see them at church the next morning. Not 15 minutes after we left, their 10 month old son tragically passed away. We got a call from Aurelio, in shock, asking for any help and comfort. So, most of yesterday was spent with this family. It was devastating to see their grief, their pain. Immediately after church, about 30-40 members went straight to their house to give comfort and make ready for the burial, which also occurred yesterday. We held a little service in the home, shared thoughts of hope, peace and love. I was overcome by how much love this branch shared with the family. The knowledge of the Plan of Happiness that members were able to share, brought some console. Please keep this family in your prayers, Aurelio and Marcia are a great couple, we love our time with them and their family and hope to continue to bring them peace through the Savior.

The week was great; we worked hard, and had a lot of success. Here are some other highlights. I gave a 10 minute talk yesterday at church about the Holy Ghost. The congregation had blank faces when I was speaking, but I received a lot of positive feedback after, so they hopefully understood parts. We attempted to set up a new lesson with one of long-existing investigators when we got the names “Alice” and “Elise” confused. That gave us a good laugh. I figured out how to make Mac and Cheese! (with some cheesy pasta sauce powder) Also I heard Imagine Dragons this week, yes they are so big, they have reached Mozambique.

**I would also like to make a correction “shopa” is actually spelled “chapa”, but pronounced “shopa”.



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